Our mission at Mertado has always been to expose a selection of high quality, unique, lifestyle-oriented products to consumers wherever they spend their time. Working toward this goal, we have strived to create shopping experiences that build bridges between content, commerce & community.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we are continuing this journey by becoming a part of the Groupon family. Groupon has been a pioneer in social commerce in many ways, and when we started talking with them, it became extremely clear that they shared the same set of values as us.

At this time, we will stop accepting new registrations on Mertado.com, and we will also stop offering products for new sales. The site will shut down on February 28, 2012. However, if you’re an existing member or a customer who needs to get in touch with us, don’t despair! You will still be able to access Mertado’s customer service until February 28; simply drop us a note on [email protected]

If you enjoyed shopping on Mertado, we think you’ll love the great local experiences and goods that Groupon offers. Groupon’s subscription is opt-in, and you can register at www.groupon.com/goods.

We are extremely thankful to everyone who made Mertado possible: customers, vendors, business partners, investors, and the wonderful team!